Sunday, August 28, 2011

the advent of the "girl" thing

One of those pesky things, that I think is a challenge for all women… is how to deal with the emotional hormone overload that occurs periodically. Ya know… the one that makes you feel fuzzy, confused, intensely emotional, irritated, then the next moment exhilarated over some small detail that you find amazingly beautiful. The one that has you feeling like you're communicating everything, when in truth, you're not communicating anything realistically tangible. It's where the woman feels intensely frustrated, because there's this emotional cauldron that doesn't have any real clear outlet… it actually needs multiple outlets, and if you find yourself in a position where you've been logistically isolated from your girlfriends for weeks at a time… you start feeling a teeny bit desperate.

Yes, I'm guilty of the monthly hormone spazz out… the one where it's more of a trial to be adequately thankful for all the beautiful things that are happening in your life. Where no matter how wonderful your significant other is… you still just need to be committed to:
1) adoration
2) talking to Mary on a regular basis
3) talking to your girlfriends on a regular basis
4) nurturing your creative commitments that much MORE assiduously
5) journaling regularly, because there's just something about getting your thoughts on paper that is satisfying on such a real, visceral level
6) exercising regularly, because when you don't your hormones get more of a handle on your emotions. Keeping the body moving and the fluids running smoothly through that same body keeps things (emotions) from storing and building up unnecessarily
7) Eating and resting on a schedule, because there's just something about your body having a regularity that evens out our internal life, in tandem with prayer… that just can't be gotten around.

The interesting thing about all of the above, is that often before that time of the month rolls around we women find ourselves that much more tempted to throw the schedule out the window. We feel more exhausted. We start feeling like we need to take a "break" and do all the things that we normally don't the rest of the month. We eat the bad foods, we don't want to exercise, we don't want to pray, we don't want to talk to our girlfriends, we want to hide ourselves in a book or a movie or some other thing that turns our brains off. Our vigilance is normally at its' LOWEST!! It's like the perfect set up. The time when we need to be the most scheduled and committed to a balanced life, is usually the time we start forgetting everything we knew the month bfore and feel more exhausted than normal. It's annoying!!

A spirit of gratitude… begins to disappear out the the window.
Being more attentive to all the little and beautiful things that happen around me on a moment to moment basis… this attitude tends to get pushed aside, and the crazy thing is that I tend to let it. It's like that little imp that wrecks havoc with so many relationships… jumps in and starts to mess with both the female AND the male's head. On one level, it's fascinating to dissect what is really going on. On another, it's a PAIN IN THE NECK, to be in the middle of it. I'll be honest. Striving to be holy… is the hardest thing on the face of this planet to achieve. The only way to achieve it, is to be that much more docile, that much more humble, that much more receptive to grace… on a level, that I'll admit is daunting. It's not impossible. But it is WORK. And it's a kind of work, that not easy to even grasp as "work", because in the long run… the ultimate goal is total surrender to Christ. "Work" and "Surrender" should be two completely different concepts, but in a human being… it's synonymous. I think it's because by nature, we're inherently PROUD. So we have to "work" to NOT be proud. We have to ACTIVELY... LET GO of what we THINK we should do, and what we FEEL is too much. Sure, everything I just said is normal human reaction. But, we're not called to stay there. We're called to "grow in trust".

And I have to admit, as a woman, that this time of the month is the HARDEST time to figure out how to do that… because it's not something to figure out. It's only something to do. And to be. It NEEDS to be that simple… or you're done for. And honestly, i don't think I've ever read or heard of a woman who has talked about this subject like this. Why is that?? It's vitally important!! Women need to hear how other women handle this kind of thing. Why aren't we educating each other on this?? I mean, this is the area, where … if the right information isn't given… divorces happen, relationships break up… the works. THANK GOD, I have a super aware and understanding fiance, but that's just a super-duper grace. And Thank God, for helping me to figure out things here and there, or I wouldn't know how to understand a lot of this. It is a grace that I hope I'll make solid use of. But I have to admit… it's HARD!! God, please have mercy on all us women!! And the men in our lives, who struggle to understand… please bless them abundantly!!! Bless, bless, bless them!! AMEN

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