Monday, December 22, 2008


Blue came home to reside with me tonight

carving a space built for two

and a cubby full of spices

filling the air with their warmth

and my heart with a promise

Blue came home to rejuvenate my sight

placing a homeful of boxes

and a bag full of dreams

into my space with their breath

and my mind with their might

Blue came home to touch my heart tonight

smiling a prairie full of prayers

and an ocean full of beams

into a dance made for lovers

into my soul made for life


Love flies into eternity

like the singer

wailing his cry

from the turrets

calling all to prayer

twirling down

corridors of history

blending past and future

into a seamless garment

woven in turbulence

laid to rest in time

spilling out of

Earth's pores

an ageless chant

echoing through the distance

like a scirocco

wailing from the south

carrying the voices of thousands

from the beginning of the age.

Tower of Ivory

Arising out of mist

darkness swirling 'bout its walls

Strident memories striking fear

fading glances off the pall

soaring higher than the sky

stronger deeper than hell

softer cooler than breathe

sweeter center its well.

A seashell at its base

a sudden wave at its door

a secret blessing within

pouring sound from its core

transparent light raining down

mountains rising from a grave

movement swifter to flight

sound that speaks His name.