Monday, April 04, 2011


In this capsule of time, our hearts beat a Question
A marking of An era where waiting breeds hope
When death leads to faith
And life leads to strength
What bell chimes the hour of lovers meeting?

While a moment had passed, and I sought to falter
A waving of the hand meant only to ponder
When surprise lead to fear
And shock led to closure
What sign would you seek to draw closer?

Mystery's always a game
One of which i'm not master
A simple soul is all I am
Whose only search is for sun's rising
Smiling down in a moment of quiet
Giving peace where I've no creation
No door left shut and locked
Till the time comes to plight my troth

So be the moment if called upon
May your heart lead to where He wills
But if by chance a question rises
That needs response to further fill
The quest your soul is made for
This time is made to find that rest
Made real by spirit's passage

I know not the answer, but this i can say
My questions are just as alive as yours might prove, I pray