Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ode to George

You sit upon a carrot tree
a warble a moment away
the dusk centered light
sends a note from the night
the quiet seems blissful and sweet

you step from the back
and poise for a note
your feathers lay soft and so true

your beak lifts to sing
and my how it rings
your toes cling to wire to shout

from dawn till dusk
I sing my song
never wearying in my quest to express
my vibrado soars
my screech sets your teeth
but I'll never back down from my score

You hang upon a telephone wire
a scat never far from the beak
the sweet sighted birds
draw near to your sight
the moment seems sweet and yet bleak

the sun starts to rise
a friend starts to fly
you move to begin day anew

a sound roars to throttle
my ears start to sorrow
a pillow stays wrapped round my head

from dawn till dusk
you sing your song
never wearying in the quest to express
your tweet sets to singing
my ears can't stop ringing
your score sets a tone it's a chore

(to be finished...)