Sunday, September 25, 2005

6 months later- amigdala

Boy.... do I take forever to update this blog. =)

But I think it's a good time to re-enter the world of expressing myself.

As of today, I am currently living in this beautiful old home, built in 1840, with bamboo wood floors, a beautiful blue exterior, recessed lighting, great big porches, large lawns and great friends to share the home with..... could I be more blessed at this point in my life??? =)

I'm watching "Someone like you" and laughing hysterically over the crazy theory this character is dreaming up. How fun would that be to play such a nutty, neurotic, yet intelligent woman turned upside down by the ever possible broken heart.

Maybe she reminds me of me on my funnier days.... pulling out every book on a particular subject in order to support some half-baked theory that protects the intensity of my emotional life.

amigdala= erotic nose brain

Gosh... isn't that so fantastically true?????
I smell certain scents on men, and my body goes haywire..... my memory shifts into overdrive, and then suddenly I'm thrust into a full blown re-enactment of something that happened 10 years ago.... or 15 years ago.

But fun. =)

How I look forward to my future memories. =)

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