Tuesday, August 26, 2008

caterpillars and honey at oceans tide

One night a few years ago, I had a dream ...…..

The atmosphere was ridden in grey. Shapes were dull and indistinct. The sensations I was surrounded by were ashy and powdery at best. As I journeyed indiscriminately in this non-space, a creature began to solidify out of the mist. In fact, not only did it solidify, but it was also emanating an incredibly bright and happy light. It began to bounce as it drew closer and as it did, I discovered that it resembled a caterpillar, but not any kind of caterpillar I've ever encountered in waking life. It was somewhat cartoonish in appearance, and it looked like a fat, bobbing string of neon colored balls arranged in rainbow order.... sweet happy pink, followed by a lively pulsing orange, followed by a shimmery incandescent yellow, a crisp, verdant green; and an electrically brilliant blue ball followed by a tiny little tail. Each ball pulsed with a light coming from the center of them making the greyness surrounding the creature that much more unreal. Topping off the bright light, which was this creature, was an immensely comical happy face... in fact, it reminded me of those buttons people wore in the 70's. On top of its head bounced these sprightly antennae.

It turned its head to look at me and smiled this incredibly broad grin, then turned toward some object in the distance and began making its way towards it. It wasn't walking so much as it was floating in space... or so it seemed. I had the impression I was supposed to follow this funny and amusing creature, so I walked behind it. As we continued along.... light began to push back the grayness surrounding me and I found myself walking on sand, on a beach. To my left, water was crashing not far from my feet and as I looked out over the water, the sky surrounding me lightened and brightened. Flicks of light shimmered off the crests of waves and it felt as though everything surrounding me was laughing and beckoning me forward. There was nothing angry or crazy about the ocean, but instead a gentle undulating rhythm that seemed to push itself into and underneath my skin and muscles.

As the energy increased, my eyes turned toward a luminescent golden object lying partially in and out of the water. I noticed that the colors of the water deepened and intensified closer to the object. It was at a bit of a distance, but as I drew up upon it, I discovered it was rather large and resembled bars of gold stacked one upon the other in the shape of a pyramid. Each bar appeared to be perhaps 20-30 feet in length with a circumference of about 6-7". Altogether, the stack rose about 10'-12' in the air. From the side, it appeared the greater part of its length lay submerged in the water, but the last few feet of length arose out of the water and onto the shoreline. Like the caterpillar it was putting off its' light from the inside, rather than the outside. As I drew closer I discovered they weren't so much bars of gold, as molded honey that glinted with diamond filaments blended into its mass while exerting a softness that belied its crystalline appearance. How to describe its color? It was as though the softest, palest and lightest of yellows were blended in perfect harmony together with peach, tenne, nectarine, and various other vibrant oranges. At each bars center a circular hollow core had been bored and pouring out of these cores onto the beach were hundreds, if not thousands of tiny baby caterpillars that seemed to be singing some tune I've never heard of before. It whispered around my ears and sounded like a thrumming echo coming from a distance, while at the same time enveloping the air around the object and myself.

As the sound increased, more caterpillars poured out of the honey and many of them began seeking me out, then crawling up my legs. As they did so, the large neon-colored caterpillar spun itself a chrysallis, then morphed above my head into a very large and even more brightly colored butterfly. A rhythmic pulse of light and vibration buffeted outwards from the bars of honey and as it increased, the butterfly took flight and shot towards the heavens like a falling star in reverse. Somehow, I found myself attached, then absorbed into the creature as we climbed in altitude and into space. Morphing into a starlike material, our speed picked up as we flew past galaxies into the farthest reaches of the universe. As we began to reach what seemingly could be its' end and the density of pressure intensified, everything began to shimmer and burst in upon itself…. a supernova.

I awoke laughing

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