Sunday, February 15, 2009


You're bringing me to understand
on the backs of broken verses
the shattered stanzas of the past
that shed their force through curses

A moments glance seems but a lark
a moment not so fair
whose churning lance turns up the dark
in seconds cast to care

but always in that moment
a shift, a turn, a sigh
comes crackling down a vicious tear
that forces my pride to die

Come bring my eyes
to focus on
the things that always mattered
and bring my feet
to trod upon
the path that leads to pasture.

I'm turning on destruction
Immense tho' child's play
In ray's uphold a true response
In this deep darkening day

I'd never stopped and wondered
when travel started new
how keeping plight assundered
was breaking ground anew

And all the while it might not sound
like stories with an end
I've come to find a quickening round
of truths that seek to mend.

It's made for me
a truth I know
a way that always speaks
a fiery dare
a pliant reed
a word in which I keep.

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