Monday, December 26, 2011

The Core

There once was a waiting becoming being
dreaming of dancing in the starlight
feeling everything like a whisper before speech
a poignant intensity rooted in the center
eyes towards open door where once there was nothing

Than twas more than a whisper
word echoing in stranger halls
experiencing comfort like what was once familiar
knowledge surpassing dreams preparing for a future
beyond something smoother than silk that once was deemed something

Swimming fondly carving deeply
curling in waves that wear away the sand
with relentless caring

Flipping silently whipping quietly
pouring in waterfalls that press away the rock
with persistent loving

For now is a moment for flying
a deeper peace than thought imagined
a jubilant rise of pure excitement
made to wash through souls like a blast of wind through the mountains

Deeper than the heavens,
rooted in the stars,
made to pass through our being…
melts the core of hearts.

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