Sunday, January 06, 2013

Mystery of Mary

A meditation on the Feast of the Magi:

From "Mystery of Mary" by Fr. Marie Dominique Phillippe (the founder of the Community of St John), when the angel instructs St Joseph to flee to Egypt. This is about Our Lady's response of obedience...

"The gift of piety, which transforms the infused virtue of obedience from within by putting it directly under the motion of the Holy Spirit, enables our acts of obedience to have a note of simplicity and filial trust. It is the obedience of a docile child to his beloved parents. 

Such obedience cannot tolerate the slightest objection or demand of our human reason against the authority of the one who gives orders or against the value of his orders. It cannot tolerate any human comparison or criticism that would diminish the authoritative and absolute character of the order received from the Father. It likes to carry out the paternal order with the utmost generosity and accuracy, knowing full well that in this way it efficiently cooperates with His will, with His reign.

And for this very reason, we must transcend the tragic and dramatic attitude that obedience... creates so easily in our psychological ego, since obedience always implies, to a certain extent, the death of our practical judgement. We must agree, out of our love for God, to completely disappear without making a scene.

We must offer our holocaust without asking for spectators to praise or pity us, whether such spectators be within or outside ourselves. The gift of piety teaches us to die to ourselves in a very hidden way, out of love for God.

Moved by the Holy Spirit and by virtue of the gift of piety, Mary obeys Joseph's order in the most trusting, spontaneous and divine way, since Joseph represents for her God's authority in all that pertains to family and communal life. Without the slightest hesitation or the slightest criticism, without wondering whether Joseph is prudent enough in giving such an order, she immediately carries out God's will for her, conveyed by Joseph. She does this lovingly and joyfully, in the silence of the night.

This act of obedience maintains a joyful note; for although she must leave her native country and her Son's blessed birthplace to travel to Egypt, the place of captivity and exile, Mary goes into exile and TAKES HER SON WITH HER."

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