Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Road to Beyond...

I wasn’t able to get my 500 words in yesterday, but as we were bouncing around hundreds of miles and meeting with different people I figured I was absolved temporarily.  As a result, it seemed appropriate to come to the table this morning and talk about… you guessed it… Travel.  It’s gotten me thinking a few different things.  #1- how can I write while in the process of traveling in a car for hours at a time? and #2-What kind of traveler am I?  It might seem strange to say this, but I really believe there are different philosophies about traveling.  What you think about it pretty much dictates your relationships and major decisions in life.

I believe I was taught to travel well.  Let me try to explain that. I'm thankful that my Dad instilled a strong sense of adventure inside of me.  My earliest vivid memories all center around us taking a trip somewhere.  They're my happiest memories.  There I was maybe all of 4 years old and I would be riding shotgun with my Dad in the front seat while he taught me how to read a map as we sailed along long Texas highways.  It was the 70's back before all those rules came into play about children under a certain height not being able to travel in the front seat.  And would you believe that I wouldn't wear a seatbelt either?  For shame.  Anyhow, it certainly didn't get in the way of the pure unadulterated joy that goes with the windows down... wind washing over my face; different scents as we passed through different terrain and my Dad's happy chatter as he explained the different places we were driving through with their different stories and people.  There he was pointing out the window at some sign we were passing heralding the advent of a new city to adventure through, then next pulling off to the side of the road to investigate the crazy looking tree that looked like a twisted pretzel bent together by some warped giant.  Meanwhile, my mom would be rolling her eyes in the back seat of the car and asking when we were planning to stop for food and the bathroom.  Good times. 

Another thing that I’m thankful to have been instilled with is the belief that all my needs would be taken care of no matter where I traveled or with whomever I would travel. Fate/Destiny/Providence always seemed ready and waiting to provide a way out of anything; lots of inspiring company, food and conversation; and the kinds of crazy, adventurous stories I would be able to share in the years to come.  I have journals full of memories that could fill quite a few rooms, if not an entire house.  Because of my dad’s infectious, curious spirit and love of travel, I now completely trust that I was given the ability to treat every situation in my life as if I were on some grand adventure.  I rarely feel stuck, because I know that life is in how you perceive it and so I’ve decided to treat it with the understanding that I can have direct positive influence on any situation simply by being open and flexible.  It makes a difference.  

Life is like traveling a path under a night sky.  That can be a challenge, or it can be an exhilarating whole-hearted embrace of new people and new ideas that you won’t discover unless you turn around the next bend.  Learn how to travel well, and you’ll discover the secret to joyous living.  Forever. 

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