Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Master Mixer

The other day I had this great idea to talk about mixing and its relationship with life. 

Mixing is an interesting exercise. The whole point of it is to take a composition and to highlight the various components so that they are simultaneously distinct and blended at the same time. Each composition is different. Some are leaner and utilize less instrumentation and possess simpler melodic and harmonic lines. Some are fully orchestrated and contain more movement. Regardless of the structure of the composition, the point of it all is to bring out the very best of the piece in its' entirety without diminishing the value of individual lines. To Bring out the heart of the piece. Accentuate what flatters while not overpowering the central music idea. 

I find that when working with children and people in general... it's kind of the same thing. The goal... well, at least for me... is to try and find it within myself to bring out the very best in someone else. To not override their personality, but to clearly and openly see what makes them tick and what motivates them. If I'm going to give advice, it has to be geared towards accentuating the best of who they are while giving enough space for them to freely move, do, be and think as they are while at the same time discovering a part of themselves that maybe they hadn't been as familiar with until that moment. Managing to do that is always an exercise in self-discipline, self-knowledge and respect. As I have the natural capacity to potentially overpower people if I were only thinking of myself, it's something I really and truly need to be hyper aware of as I know from personal experience how debilitating it can be to have someone overexert their personality on you. I think that's why my highest value is... freedom.  It's why I will never leave my faith. God promises the greatest freedom that a human being can ever hope to possess in this life. Total freedom to love and be loved; total freedom to be ... to exist. Total freedom to blossom from head to toe as a complete, satisfied and WHOLE person. I've always associated freedom with completion, with totality, with the depth of satisfaction that we all crave on a day to day basis. To be fully saturated with love.... of others, of ourselves, of God.

It's a bit like a perfect circle colored in with all the shades of blue that could ever exist... all distinct, yet pulled together in a harmonious dance that allows each color to shine to its' greatest capacity without overpowering the ones next to it. Isn't that what God is doing with us? Or at least what He WANTS to do with us if we would only trust and let Him???? If we let Him guide and direct our moments each day, we stand a closer chance of experiencing Heaven here on earth. Heaven on earth is God's Providence ruling our lives and opening up the hidden gateways that know all the spaces in between seemingly impenetrable impossibilities. When we open our hearts and minds to the contemplation of true freedom... we discover it's never at the cost of someone else, and it's never at our own cost (our ego's are a separate matter). We are separate yet together; unique yet stronger within a group; distinct yet always in service to the other... true freedom lies in being mixed by the Master Mixer.

He never oppresses, only provides a foundation to run and jump off of; never silences, only strengthens the voices we were born with. He takes our individual lines and creates a composition of such magnitude that were we to throw every fiber of our being into becoming everything we hoped  and dreamed,... if we actually used the full capacities of our brains and hearts.... it would still only be a small fraction of this Master Composition.  May we never dull our lights in fear of there not being enough room for who we are. We are but the heads of pins resting in a field vaster than the mind is even capable of imagining. When we hold back out of fear, it doesn't matter the reason ... it's a scam. That fear has no basis in reality. At our freest, we can fly to eternity with the wind surrounding us and there is nothing... absolutely NOTHING we can't do. Fly high, fly free... and sing your melody. 

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."- Ludwig van Beethoven

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