Monday, April 11, 2016


Roots are a mystery
One day lost and another all found
one moment floating above the sky
and the next plunging into an abyss of history
walking the streets of memory
soaring in clouds of imagination
touching hands from the past
seeing one's face in the words of another
fitting one's feet in the prints of that other
the blood of ancestors pulsing
pushing Towards the Future
Known and yet Unknown
Our eyes staring back at us
Narcissus unfurling
....or was it a dream?

My imagination was captured by the image of my grandchildren
a sly little vision found on the steps to my past
my fingers sank into oblivion 
and came out with dandelions 
blowing in the direction of the sun

Laughter danced towards me
and the smells of my sustenance
enveloped me like a blanket
and lulled me to awe
breath stole from my body 
beckoning me to eternity
on the rocks hewn from fire and pain.

And in the dawn of my youth
came a promise
and a light
and a hope
and a vision
my hands impressed upon a rock
time not stopping
ever flowing
towards them...

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