Monday, January 12, 2009


Like a new beginning
every battle sounds anew
the chariots fly ripshod
over bone, muscle and sinew
naked bodies thrown to dust
and battered faces torn to shreds
but gleaming smiles can't be taken
not this moment not this day

it's always coming
it's always there
it's always fanning
the cauldrons of menace

It's always raging
It's always crazy
it's always caging
the jails of tenants

yet it's not going
to turn our wills down
and it's not going
to wear our spirits

for we're always making
we're always present
we're always trying
these souls of penance

And when the night falls
this stranger is coming
the sky boils like fire
and fears not wanting
stripped to nothing on the way
shattered fingers claw their name
but brightened eyes can't be shaken
never this moment never this day

Long live this only King
and long live this only Queen
for the night's only gift
is the pathway to eternity

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