Monday, January 12, 2009

Drummer Boy

Was a moment not far
that a sound clenched the air
the wake of a call
in a glance yet aware
roused my eyes in the dark
movement shaking so near
round my mind set a memory
of my mother so dear

silken butter soft her voice
richness gentle touch her hair
lasting strength kiss her lips
just a moment left of care

Was a moment not far
matchless voice rent the air
a touch to my heart
rouse my hands to the snare
nothing left but a shadow
fading past beyond sorrow
feeble heart left to wander
to her feet on the morrow

wavering sigh leaves my voice
ragged field rasps my hair
feeble strength pass my lips
just a moment left to spare

Was a moment not far
that a cry pierced the air
a yell to the heavens
as my song runs to care
weakened heart comes to life
rushing veins fill my ears
and His smile strokes my soul
Lady reaches my tears

wondering heart beats in time
quickening sight leaves me blind
measuring light catches mine
just a moment and it's there.

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