Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Every now and again, I'll have a particular type of experience. It's not one I talk about much, but it is one that I both puzzle and don't puzzle over, at the same time.

It started on the 19th, went through the 20th, then quieted from the 21st until today. Well, until last night specifically.

I believe anyone who has experience with intuition, might find this familiar. You know... that sense of being pulled out of your normal average day, and into a realm that's not what most would consider immediate. But it is very familiar.

So, here it goes...

A shimmer starts at the edge of my vision
the rumbling of a train rippling under my feet
kaleidoscopes tumbling images
felt more with the heart
than seen with mind or smooth-stretched skin

a simple knowing
in a vast chamber
a question asked
but unsure of answer
tension in reply to open eyes
frozen breath waiting to exhale

A distance awakens at the point of my finger
and shadows erupt from the stirring of my heart
shades of purple dance unmixing
lightened green blending
in a space ruled by One who sees it all

a gentle pulling
to the honey's heart
a sweeter misting
on a center part
breath is a sigh in awkward moment
next to knowing in winter's cry

Pulses move over terrains not made for man
mystery's challenge my use of words
careful stepping watch the cracks
meaning found in a whisper
curiosity tells the tale better than I

What is your question?
are you ready for sound?
Is it only an expression?
or reality being found?
Taking prisoner a dream caught unaware
can you make up your mind for devotion
or cast your care to a maze?

Spin not a deceit
Tell no lie to the void
Stay clear on path's awakening
and find your way beyond the dream...

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