Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tick tock

fWell, looks like we got the other project with H. He called late the other night and confirmed it was a done deal. Woo hoo... trip to Israel this year. I was hoping for that. So looks like back to back projects, which is a good thing. Well, actually... back to back to back to back etc.(episodic, Concert Hall, doc., etc.). And just got another phone call for another project (record). Looks like it's going to be a lesson in juggling. Plus, I got hired for another project (doc.), so ... I again... really need to work on my time management skills. They've certainly gotten tighter, but need that much more tightening. Tonight, I still have to go through my theory and piano, as well as beginning the storyboard for the smaller video project. It'll be 30-40 min, so that will take a little bit of time. Or rather a lot of time. I only hope I can squeeze the deadline(s). Tick tock.

Is it wise to be juggling this many things? At least, I've re-
prioritized. It's not as bad as before. Now, it's mostly just music and video. And promotions. Which usually takes a bit of time. But at least, I get to use any writing skills I might have. =) That's a plus. I can sit there and beat a sentence to death, and at the end, feel a sense of finality in wrapping up a nice neat little package. LOVE that feeling. It's the same one i get when I'm writing a poem. Small, condensed, symbolic, metaphorical and packing a punch. Not like these The complete opposite.

So, the last few of days have been roller-coaster like. Computer goes down (which has all the main drives and app's), printer goes down (right in the middle of deadline! Typical!) Track down the parts, fix the computer, get a new printer, get a new project, start building the budget for that, Get back into media ministry projects, lose bank card, findout bank card turned into bank (how often does THAT happen? Thank you God for the protection!), Get back into music theory, find I'm not as rusty as I'm complaining I am (YAY!), make plans for the "future" (YAY!), feel yanked back into some sort of test in regards to that future, Get phone calls for more projects, catch up on old projects, ... the list goes on. But it's been GOOD!! Really good!

Timing seems to be tightening. God's protection catching all the balls we could possibly drop. And NYC around the corner. That'll be fun. Part working, part chilling. I like. =) I've missed NYC. It's been way too long. But all the hubbub!... if I didn't have mass and adoration, I think I'd be a goner. And temptation seems to always be around the corner. Thankfully, I know how to stem it. That's a blessing. Keep it simple, keep it clear, keep it orderly. One foot in front of the other, and stay reflective.

Dark-blue purple, and pale green are always intimates. Love the swirl.

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