Saturday, February 05, 2011

Female Apparition Song- Guadalupe

For those who appreciate Our Lady of Guadalupe, a Nahuatl song from the Cantares Mexicanos, in honor of her. …………

Song 56 Female Apparition Song

21 Çan ca tlauhquecholtlapalayauhtimani a oncaan y ye mochani tisanta Maria ayia yeoo ayia yeha
23 Y Çan ca xiuhquechol nepapan tototl chachalacaya yca tontlatlauhtilo yani tisanta Maria
25 Y iano yaho yiahue a ihuic temoc san Gabriel ye quitemohui oo a ynic tlatlauktiloya a y Santa Maria. Ave maria an o ticihuapille tlatocacihuapille yxquickcapaya timitzontotlaçoyectenehuiliya ho

Song 56, folio 38v, verses 21, 23, 25
CM pp. 258-259

21 There’ a crimson mist of roseate swans there beyond in your home, Santa Maria.
23 Turquoise swans, all the birds, are cackling. And this is how you’re prayed to, Santa María.
25 Ah, it’s San Gabriel who’s come down from where she is. She’s sent him down so that she, Santa María, can be prayed to. Ave María! O lady, noble lady, right here we’re praising you with love.

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